Independent board kit of special processing (IBKSP)

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Independent board kit of special processing (IBKSP), intended for special treatment in the conditions of radiation and chemical contamination in emergency zones.

IBKSP can handle various surfaces of buildings, structures, equipment and other facilities of high pressure liquid jet. The treatment fluid is selected according to conditions of contamination.

IBKSP is an independent set of special technical equipment and accessories for a special treatment, with the possibility of placing on board the vehicle and other mobile technology, which provides:

  • conducting full degassing, deactivation and disinfection of automobile and tracked vehicles, trains, railway and other vehicles;
  • deactivation, degassing and disinfection sections of roads with hard surface;
  • take liquid from the various containers;
  • temporary storage of liquids;
  • preparation of degassing, deactivating and disinfectants agents;
  • dust control on the ground.

IBKSP kit consists of: packing box, adapted for carrying two members of the calculation; Liquid high pressure device; the dispensing nozzle, the nozzle, the SF-2U powder (0.4kg pack); calcium hypochlorite (CH) in a polyethylene container 1 kg; dust suppression recipe in plastic containers of 5 kg; tank for preparation and storage solutions, high pressure hose, hose fence solutions and fluid ejector nozzle, hose feed solution, hose, extension hose; packing foam, soft tanks for water storage, brush, spare parts; fasteners and accessories.

Parameter name Number
1 2 3 4
1 The processing time of one charging (min) With a flow rate of 0.5
l / min

With a flow rate of 3-4
l / min

2 Flow solutions (recipes), l / min: SF-2U or CH
3 Size of of application / processing area of one charge, m2: - degassing with CH 0.3-1.5%

- degassing RD-2

- disinfection with CH

- deactivation 0.075%

4 Output pressure of the nozzle,
kg / cm2
5 Temperature of outlet liquid jet, ° C 30
6 The height of the processing, m 4
7 Deployment time, min 5
8 Kit weight, kg With tare 70
9 Maximal water supply and recipes, l 120
10 Dimensions (mm) LxWxH 1100х650х650